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rsz_phot0_4_2Hello, welcome to Counselor911.com. My name is Debbie Harris and I am pleased that you have chosen this organization as your choice for mental health service. I am the CEO of Counselor911.com, a State Board Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas, and a Certified Christian Counselor. Although I was formally educated in traditional secular counseling, I understand that it does not bring complete wholeness. I established Counselor911.com based on the premise of my core beliefs that when people seek help from others they are in dire need of help. Not only do I understand through helping others, but by my own personal experiences that I can relate to the pain others endure on a daily basis. I have a mission to fulfill an obligation to hurting people by offering the gift of wholeness and healing to broken men, women and children dealing with mental health issues such as: shizophrenia, bipolar, hallucination, depression, suicide, and many others.

My Approach:

I advocate a very practical approach to psychotherapy comprised of three steps: identify, confront, and solve. Problem solving is really not a complex mystery, you cannot change what you don’t understand or you want acknowledge. I am committed to work with you on everyday problems or complex issues. The more you know about your real self the more you will initiate change, reach goals, and attain that ideal self. At times unconscious obstacles might interfere with ideal development and good decision-making, but this can be changed through therapy. Learning to change your self-image and self-worth can help you become a person you really want to be.

I am convinced utilizing telephone therapy, internet therapy, and chat therapy you will see the effectiveness for all of your problematic issues. This is a medium that will allow you to address personal problems in the comfort of your office, home, car, work, etc… with the help of a trained psychotherapist. Online therapy is an extreme competent form of self-help that resourceful, convenient, effective, and inexpensive.

If you would like to work with me, I look forward to hearing about your current concerns, and to have the opportunity to help you. We will work together to embark upon a journey of self exploration revisiting your past, discussing your present, and exploring your future. This will allow you to become acquainted with the very unique person that is “you”.

Client Testimonials:

"Until I attended a Counselor911 therapy session I did not know how to forgive."

"Ms. Harris helped me understand my purpose and destiny in life."

"Through her spiritual techniques I became equipped for spiritual issues."

"Counselor911.com taught me the importance of using positive words when speaking about my situations."

"Ms. Harris helped me defeat my depression through biblical steps of healing."



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